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Overhead Line Switchgear
Railway Electrification

Catalog Railway Electrification

Catalog [DE] [EN]

Datasheets Disconnectors:

Disconnector B1 [DE] [EN]

Disconnector B2 [DE] [EN]

Disconnector B3 [DE] [EN]

Datasheets Load Break Switches:

Load Break Switch B1 [DE] [EN]

Load Break Switch B2 [DE] [EN]

Load Break Switch B3 [DE] [EN]

Datasheets Earthing Switches:

Earthing Switch B2 [DE] [EN]

Earthing Switch B3 [DE] [EN]

Datasheets Actuating Systems:

Motor Drive MFL [DE] [EN]

Motor Drive MDR3 [DE] [EN]

Rod Linkage [DE]

Flexball® [DE]

High Current Connectors
Connection Systems
Switch and Control Systems